OUR FAVORITE Ride Services

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Feelin' like moving around? Get a bike for an hour, the day, or a week! (a 24-hour pass is just $8). You'll be cruisin' in style. 

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A noteworthy and reliable "Lyft"/"Uber" replacement. Works in very-much the same way as the Lyft or Uber apps. Download for iOS or Android.


Non-profit "Lyft"/"Uber" alternative. This company courteously totes tourists and locals from place to place. Choose to round your ride up to donate to a charity of your preference.

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"The Personal Transportation Network." Schedule trips ahead of time and your driver will be there to pick you up!

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If you're willing to try something new, this is a really cool local business operating directly off of Facebook. Leave a message on the board of where you are and where you're headed; someone will get back to you in less than 3-minutes by commenting on your post. These drivers are vetted Lyft & Uber drivers and always super friendly.

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A fairly new company in Austin coming from San Francisco. "Chariot is re-inventing mass transit with fast, reliable, and comfortable service. Use our app to find your route and book a seat. Try your first week completely free and start commuting in style!" Download the app!

Luxury vans & automobiles committed to making your special day/night even more special.

Rent an Audi A4 with no hassle. "No lines. No paperwork. Premium features at no extra cost."


Pre-booked, affordable rides for you and your family. Flights take it out of you. Have a car waiting to take you to your final destination; one less thing to worry about.